History of the VW BOSCH Formula Super Vee Water-cooled

In the early days of the Super Vee series there were many manufacturers involved in the Gold Cup Series, Royale, Lola, Zink, to name just a few. In 1978 there was a change on the rules to allow the water cooled VW engines into the series. The Formula Super Vee become vey similar to the European Formula 3 and thus many chassis manufacturers started to send their chassis to the United States. In 1979 Ralt RT3 chassis appeared for the first time in the series. Later on the upgrades on this car led to the RT5 SuperVee. This car dominated the series until the last event in 1990. Prettier cars, the Martini MK, technologically advanced cars, the Anson SA4, all tried to beat the Ralt. But only once, in 1986 another car manufacturer won a championship, a Martini MK. During the 12 years of "water-cooled" power many driving "stars" were born (M. Andretti, Unser Jr., Davy Jones, D. Theys, A. Luyendyk, …). This team and website is dedicated to the preservation of the cars, the engines, and the stories that made the Bosch-VW- Formula Super Vee Championship a total success. There may be some errors, some things may be missing, but your input on the web and on the track will be greatly appreciated. Ricardo email contact: ricardo@autoafondo.com